M-12 Vostok opens to traffic

M-12 Vostok opens to traffic 22.12.2023

At the video conference on 21 December, President Putin launched traffic at the M-12 section between Moscow and Kazan.

“Travelling about 800 km will take now 6 hours and a half, which is twice faster than before. Driving will get more comfortable and, most importantly, much safer. In our country, we have never implemented such a large-scale and complex infrastructure project in such a short time – just three years”, he said. Vladimir Putin stressed the strategic importance of sustainable transport arteries for the country. 

The M-12 Vostok highway, which is part of the Europe – Western China international transport route, connects large regional cities to the existing express highways in the European Russia and links five regions – Moscow, Vladimir, and Nizhny Novgorod Regions, the Chuvash Republic, and Tatarstan. In future, the highway will be extended to Yekaterinburg and further to Tyumen.
The new highway will significantly improve transport connections, thus facilitating the regional economic growth. According to forecasts, by 2030, the highway will carry up to 23 mln tons of freight and about 110,000 new jobs will be created.
The project was completed 7 months ahead of schedule.

Our company has developed the design and working documentation for 4 stages of the project, including a cable-stayed bridge over the Oka River – the only bridge of such system on the M-12.
Our congratulations to the project teams, builders, drivers and residents of the regions!


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Our engineers have developed and considered five route alternatives to choose the optimal one, both in technical and economic terms.


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