Integrated Design of Transport Infrastructure and Roads Integrated Design of Transport Infrastructure and Roads

Comprehensive Design of Transport Infrastructure and Roads;
Project design management of unique and large bridges, overpasses and flyovers, junctions, interchanges and other transport works complex and unique transport facilities;
Engineering and consulting services in PPP projects;
Management of construction projects and construction supervision;
Laboratory monitoring and structural diagnostics;
Investment feasibility studies and justification of investments;
Transport planning and design of intelligent transportation systems;
Engineering consulting and expert services;
Tunnel design;
Design of roadside infrastructure and landscaping design;
Utility engineering;
Development of activities to protect and restore environment;
Scientific research and experimental development;
Software products development and implementation to automate the design process.
Design Management Design Management

Having successfully implemented a number of major projects AO Institute Stroyproekt has gained a unique experience of performing functions of a General Designer. Among these major projects are Western High Speed Diameter Project in St. Petersburg,  Bugrinsky Bridge over the Ob River in Novosibirsk, Olympic Sochi infrastructure projects, the M-4 “Don” highway sections, the M-8” Kholmogory Highway,  the M-1 Belarus Highway and Khabarovsk Bypass, etc.
To implement any complex and a large-scale project within tight deadlines, the company’s team needs to be supported by a considerable number of specialist design subcontractors. Sometimes, some dozen design subcontractors work on the same project which requires a proper design process management. Design process management involves coordinating subcontractors’ activities, ensuring design consistency and completion deadlines, design completeness and quality, and interfacing technical solutions developed by various subcontractors. This requires a General Designer to be highly qualified and to have comprehensive engineering knowledge.
Contract Management and Construction Supervision Contract Management and Construction Supervision

Completion of St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier: Stroyproekt in association with ZAO Geningconsult and a  Dutch company Royal Haskoning rendered consultancy services of Project Manager/Engineer for the construction contracts financed with EBRD loan
•    St. Petersburg Ring Road:
Stroyproekt was in charge of construction supervision for the eastern half-ring road section and for the most complicated facility of the project – a cable stayed bridge over the Neva
•    M-8 “Kholmogory” Highway: construction supervision and quality control for rehabilitation project of the M-8 “Kholmogory” highway between Moscow and Arkhangelsk (engineering facilities in Moscow Region)  
•    Odintsovo Bypass: a new toll road section in Moscow Region connecting Moscow Ring Road and the M-1 “Belarus” Motorway.
•    Western High Speed Diameter Project in St. Petersburg, one of the first PPP projects in Russia 
•    The Eastern Bosphorus Bridge to Russky Island in Vladivostok:  construction of a unique cable stayed bridge with a 1104 m long mid span
•    M-7 “Volga” Motorway and M-5 “Ural” Motorway Rehabilitation (the Republic of Bashkortostan)
•    Construction of a toll highway Moscow – St. Petersburg (Vyshniy Volochok Bypass) 
•    Wastewater Management Project in St. Petersburg (financed from EBRD loan)
•    Construction of the M-4 “Don” Motorway (Usman Bypass)
Structural Diagnostics Structural Diagnostics

Engineering services for airport construction and rehabilitation projects

We render a full range of survey, pre-design and design services for airport projects, including construction, modernisation, rehabilitation, extension and overhaul of airport facilities and buildings, aircraft repair shops, and aviation schools and technical colleges.
Investment Feasibility Study

Railway infrastructure design Railway infrastructure design

In 2020 Stroyproekt has opened a new business area – the design of railway infrastructure, including:

• New railway lines and secondary tracks
• Reconstruction of the existing railways
• Design and reconstruction of railway stations and hubs
• Railway approaches, including access rail lines to industrial facilities, terminals, mineral deposits, etc.
• Pre-design studies for railway rehabilitation within industrial development projects
• Master plans of railway hubs and lines
• Rail traffic management plans.

• Railway line Elegest – Kyzyl – Kuragino
• Railway transport facilities at the Ulak – Fevralsk stretch of the Far East Railway.

Development of Complex Traffic Management Schemes Development of Complex Traffic Management Schemes

Traffic macro- and micro-modelling
Development of urban traffic models
Toll road and toll system design analysis
Public transport, bicycle facilities  and parking areas development
Integrated traffic diagrams, traffic management and traffic control systems
Consultancy and Expert Services Consultancy and Expert Services

Feasibility studies for various projects, including those financed by IFI or private investors
Preparation of concession tenders for PPP projects
Engineering evaluation of designs developed by other design companies
Engineering project audit
Development of tender documents including specifications
Tendering support, bids evaluation and assistance in contract negotiating
Underground structures engineering