St. Petersburg Ring Road

St. Petersburg Ring Road

St. Petersburg (new construction)
Engineering, detail designing and construction supervision
Project period: 1999 – 2014
General Designer: Institute Stroyproekt JSC (for the Ring Road Southern Section, the Neva crossing and engineering structures)
Client: FKU Directorate for Construction of St. Petersburg By-pass

From 1999 till 2008, Institute Stroyproekt designed the following Ring Road facilities: 

- traffic interchange with Primorskoye Shosse and the railway at Gorskaya station;
 - traffic interchange with Oktyabrskaya Embankment;
 - traffic interchange with Obuhovskaya Oborona Prospect;
 - exit ramps of the traffic interchange with Sofiyskaya Street;
 - traffic interchange with Moskovskoye Shosse;
 - traffic interchange with Pulkovskoye Shosse;
 - traffic interchange with Tallinskoye Shosse;
 - the Neva crossing including a cable stayed bridge;
 - other engineering structures such as flyovers, bridges and overpasses of more than 20 km long.

Another major contribution of Stroyproekt into the Ring Road Project was execution of the Construction Supervision for the Neva crossing construction, Stage I and for Section from Russia Motorway to Narva Motorway, Stage II, as well as the Designer’s Supervision for Section from the traffic interchange with Obukhovskaya Oborona Prospect to Russia Motorway; the Neva crossing section; section from Russia Motorway to Narva Motorway, etc.

The Neva crossing with its cable stayed bridge (Big Obukhovsky Bridge) is the most complicated engineering structure within the Ring Road. The Design of 2001 provided for the project completion in two stages due to time lim itations. The 1st stage included erection of the bridge left part (downstream) with four traffic lanes (two in each direction) and flyovers at either bank. The 2nd stage comprised construction of the bridge right part (upstream) with four traffic lanes and flyovers.

The 1st stage of the bridge was put into operation in December 2004. In October, 2007 the 2nd stage bridge was opened for traffic. The cable stayed bridge across the Neva River has immediately become one of the city symbols.  

Main parameters:
 - the bridge crossing is 2823.5 m long; cable stayed bridge is 994 m long;
 - the river span is 382 m long;
 - the pylons are 120 m high;
 - the bridge underclearance is 30 m.

16 design organisations including Danish and Finnish companies have been involved in development of the Big Obukhovsky Bridge. 

Other engineering structures within the Ring Road designed by Institute Stroyproekt:

 - Primorskoye Shosse  overpass (composite deck,  210.4 m long);
 - Pushkinskaya Street overpass 22.4 m long; 2 ramp flyovers of 191 m and 187.3 m long at the railway station Gorskaya;
 - Ramps of the traffic interchange with Sophiyskaya Street,  including an overpass 1586 m long and 44 m wide;
 - Frame composite deck on steel piers:
 - Two-level traffic interchange with Moskovskoye Shosse (including flyovers of 405.66 m and 164.99 m long; a 46.14 m-long pedestrian overpass and a 23.1 m long pedestrian tunnel);
 - Three-level traffic interchange with Pulkovskoye Shosse with 8 ramps (including flyovers of 197.45 m, 423.67 m, 202.65 m and 191.08 m long; overpass 95.81 m long; pedestrian overpass 28.66 m long);
 - Traffic interchange with Tallinskoye Shosse (Narva Motorway) including overpass 523.41 m long and 4 flyovers with overall length of 579.66 m.

Presently, Stroyproekt is developing working drawings for the traffic interchange at the section from Narva Motorway to Bronka town including an access road to Bronka Port Terminal.

Institute Stroyproekt has been the General Designer for the Ring Road Southern Section, the Neva crossing and engineering structures.

Specialists of Stroyproekt Supervision Department executed the Designer’s Supervision at various Ring Road Sections including the Neva crossing, eastern and southern sections and the Flood Protection Barrier which is the Ring Road western section.

When back in 1999 Stroyproekt was developing the design for St. Petersburg Ring Road interchange with Primorsky roadway near Gorskaya railway station, we proposed composite structures not only for the main overpass but also for curved ramps of 60 m radius. It was an innovation as well since curved beams were considered to be difficult to manufacture. However, our solution was successfully realised and later on we have often used it when designing the Ring Road facilities.

At that time construction of the Ring Road that had been awaited by the city for such a long time had just started, and we tried to make the Gorskaya interchange architecturally  easy recognisable. We were not required to do so; it was our own initiative. White А-shaped (or trapezoid) pylons imitating entrance gates made this large structure look light and stylistically complete. This interchange opened in 2001 became a symbol of a new stage of the Northern Capital transport development that had begun with the Ring Road construction.

The most complicated structure of the Ring Road is a cable stayed Big Obukhovsky Bridge over the Neva. Its river span is 382 m long. The bridge has become the first fixed bridge across the Neva. 16 companies, including Danish and Finnish ones, have participated in its design. Stroyproekt was a General Designer of the bridge.


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