Engineering services for airport construction and rehabilitation projects

We render a full range of survey, pre-design and design services for airport projects, including construction, modernisation, rehabilitation, extension and overhaul of airport facilities and buildings, aircraft repair shops, and aviation schools and technical colleges.


We develop designs and cost estimates, architectural designs and master plans, and technology solutions for construction and rehabilitation of aviation infrastructure:

  • Airfield structures: runways, taxiways, ramps, aircraft stands, special maintenance areas, and earth elements of runways
  • Landing areas and heliports
  • Seaplane bases
  • Airport terminals
  • Fuel depots and stations
  • Air traffic control towers
  • Radio communication and navigation aids
  • Weather stations
  • Emergency rescue stations (ARFF)
  • Aviation maintenance support facilities
  • Aviation safety facilities
  • Power supply systems
  • Internal airport roads and driveways
  • Airport utilities

Engineering surveys and studies:

  • Geodetic surveys
  • Geological surveys
  • Hydrometeorological studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Geotechnical studies

Inspections and structural surveys:

  • Airfield inspection, including runways, taxiways, ramps and aprons, aircraft stands, special areas, runway earth structures, internal airport roads and drainage systems,
  • Inspection of airport buildings and facilities, including terminals, fuel depots, control towers, radio communication and navigation aids, weather stations, ARFF, aviation maintenance and safety facilities, airport utility systems,
  • Georadar surveys of airport facilities,
  • Ornithological surveys,
  • Survey of obstacles on territories around airports,
  • Foundation soil investigations

Engineering consultancy services:

  • Pre-design services for air infrastructure construction and rehabilitation projects,
  • Consultancy services at pre-design stage,
  • Preparation of permits,
  • Preparation of terms of references for designing, and design cost estimation,
  • Development of master plans and business plans for airports and other air transport facilities,
  • Designer’s supervision during construction,
  • Construction supervision,
  • Consultancy services during commissioning

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