Vladivostok – Nakhodka – Vostochny Port Highway

Vladivostok – Nakhodka – Vostochny Port Highway

Primorsky Krai (new construction)
Investment feasibility studies
Project period: 2018 – 2019
General Designer: AO Institute Stroyproekt
Client: Department of transport and road infrastructure of Primorsky Krai

The proposed highway Vladivostok – Nakhodka – Vostochny Port is located in Primorsky Krai. Vladivostok is one of the largest cities in Primorsky Krai and the entire Far East. It is a major port and the main naval base of the Pacific Fleet of Russia. Nakhodka and Vostochny are two ports, which make together the largest transport hub in the Russian Far East and one of the major transport logistic centers in Russia (with cargo turnover exceeding 90 million tons).

The new road will connect the city of Vladivostok, Knevichi airport, and the city of Bolshoy Kamen with ports Nakhodka and Vostochny and will run along the coast of the Sea of Japan, bypassing all settlements. As regards aesthetic aspects, the entire road will have a common design and style including road structures, lighting, finishing materials, color solutions and road facilities.

Main parameters:

• road length: 104.53 km
• road category: 1B express road
• number of lanes: 4
• design speed: 100-120 km/h
• carriageway width: 4 x 3.75 m
• central reservation width: 6 m
• bridges and overpasses: 101
• traffic interchanges: 8.

The project will be implemented in 6 phases:
• Phase 1: 19.53 km long (with 1 traffic interchange)
• Phase 2: 20 km long (with 2 traffic interchanges)
• Phase 3: 14 km long (with 1 traffic interchange)
• Phase 4: 25 km long (with 1 traffic interchange )
• Phase 5: 12 km long (with 1 traffic interchange)
• Phase 6: 14 km long (with 2 traffic interchanges).

Phases 4 and 5 also provide for construction of 4 two-lane tunnels with total length of 1,020 m.

In April 2019, the Russian State Expert Authority issued a positive conclusion on investments feasibility for construction of the road section from km 43+474 to km 146+197 of Vladivostok - Nakhodka - Vostochny Port highway.


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