Barnaul By-pass with the Bridge over the Ob River

Barnaul By-pass with the Bridge over the Ob River

Altai Region (new construction)
Project period: 2016 – 2018
General Designer: Institute Stroyproekt
Client: Altai Regional Road Agency

The new half-ring road connects two federal motorways R-322 (Barnaul — the border with Kazakhstan) and R-256 (Chuisky Trakt), and the P-380 regional road (Pavlovsky Trakt). The new highway diverts transit traffic from Barnaul and enhances development of regional and international transport and economic links.

The project is implemented based on a PPP scheme.


Technical parameters

Length — 68.1 km

Road category — IB

Design speed — 100 km/h

Lanes — 4

Length of the bridge over the Ob River — 2394 m

Span layout of the bridge, m: (24+4×33)+5×(5×33)+(84+126+126+84)+(72+84+72)+4×(5×33)+(2×33+24)

Interchanges — 5

Engineering structures — 25, including 12 bridges

Project stages

  1. Construction of a toll road section PK 267+00 — PK 681+00, including interchanges, overpasses and bridges, toll plazas, recreation areas and a snow dumping station.

  2. Construction of a toll-free road section PK 0+00 — PK 267+00.

  3. Construction of a road maintenance station.

  4. Relocation of the Novosibirsk — Barnaul main gas pipeline.


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