The Eastern Bosporus Bridge to Russky Island

The Eastern Bosporus Bridge to Russky Island

Vladivostok (new construction)
Project period: 2009 – 2012
Client: Federal Highway Agency Directorate for construction of road facilities of Vladivostok as an international cooperation centre in Asia and the Pacific

The Bridge to Russky Island has become one of the major cable-stayed bridges in the world. Its central span is 1 104 m long, which is a length record in the world bridge construction. The bridge has also the highest pylon and the longest cables ever.

Main technical parameters:
 - bridge length: 1 885.53 m (60+72+3х84+1104+3х84+72+60 m)
 - total length including flyovers: 3 100 m
 - central span: 1 104 m
 - width: 29.5 m;
 - carriageway width: 23.8 м
 - number of lanes: 4 (2 in each direction)
 - bridge clearance: 70 m
 - number of pylons: 2
 - pylon height: 320.9 m
 - number of cable stays: 168.

The bridge to Russky Island had been constructed within the preparation to the APEC summit which was held in Vladivostok in 2012.


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