Shkiperskaya interchange at the Western High Speed Diameter partly opens to traffic

Shkiperskaya interchange at the Western High Speed Diameter partly opens to traffic 21.12.2023

On 20 December, the new interchange between WHSD and Shkipersky Protok Street partly opened to traffic.

According to St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov, the new interchange will relieve the WHSD intersection with Makarova Embankment and will improve transport situation in the districts located on the reclaimed lands of Vasilievsky Island. Moreover, it will create an additional 24-hour transport connection of the island to the northern and southern city districts. 

The project is divided into several stages. Construction of the first stage started in September 2021. 

Construction of the stage 2 and 3 exit ramps is ongoing, including extension of Shkipersky Protok Street to the reclaimed areas and rehabilitation of its existing section with a bridge.  The stage 2 and 3 exits are planned to be completed in 2024 and 2025. 
The expected traffic volume is 55 thousand vehicle a day. 

Our engineers developed the design for the project. 


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Western High Speed Diameter (WHSD) Western High Speed Diameter (WHSD)

WHSD is the first urban toll expressway in St. Petersburg, 46.6 km in length, which comprises a great number of complex engineering structures. The road links the southern and western city districts with the Ring Road, Vasilievsky Island in the center and the Scandinavia highway in the north, and has improved accessibility of the main transport hubs — Pulkovo Airport, the port of St. Petersburg and the Marine Façade passenger terminal. The new expressway has reduced travel times in some city areas by 50-70%.


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