Murmansk Airport Rehabilitation

Murmansk Airport Rehabilitation 19.02.2019

The project involves rehabilitation of the northernmost international airport in Russia, including construction of new pavement between the central and northern aprons to handle the A-321 type aircrafts and construction of a new taxiway between the aprons and the runway.  The project also provides for construction of a rescue station and a perimeter patrol road.

Technical parameters:
Area of new pavement:  32 658 m²
Total area of the apron after reconstruction: 85 166 m²
Area of the new taxiway pavement: 5 302 m²
Structural volume of the rescue station: 14 300 m3
Length of the patrol road: 8 761 m

Scope of works:
• Reconstruction (widening) of the apron
• Reconstruction of the taxiway
• Reconstruction of the drainage system
• Construction of a rescue station (ARFF) 
• (Re)construction of power supply facilities
• Construction of a patrol road
• (Re)construction of the airport perimeter fence and installation of security equipment.

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