Stroyproekt Engineering Group Association Registered

Stroyproekt Engineering Group Association Registered 17.11.2016

The Association was founded by Institute Stroyproekt, Institute Proektmostrekonstruktsia, Institute Novgorodstroyproekt, Peterburgskie Seti, Institute Tunnelstroyproekt and Institute Transport Intelligent Systems.
The main goal of the Association is to ensure coordination between the member companies and assist them in dealing with the following tasks:
1.    Developing the common business strategy based on the common human and professional values  and the will to improve the construction industry;
2.    Joining the efforts of the member companies to be capable to render the fullest possible range of design and engineering consultancy services, mainly for the transport construction sector in Russia and abroad;
3.    Achieving together better results as compared with those of each member company on its own and developing each member company via sustainable development of the Association;
4.    Protecting the common property interests.
The objectives of the Association are:
1.    Facilitate business activities of the  member companies in the field of design, construction supervision and other engineering services;
2.    Represent and protect  the interests of the member companies in governmental agencies and public organizations both in Russian and abroad;
3.    Address problems in the activities of the Association and develop proposals for their solution;
4.    Participate in development of federal, regional and local regulations related to the Association’s scope of activities;
5.    Participate in development and publication of scientific research and methodology materials;
6.    Organise seminars, workshops, conferences, press conferences and other events to exchange experiences and promote achievements of the member companies;
7.    Organise and carry out research and development activities;
8.    Study best practices of Russian and international companies working in the same field and prepare recommendations for improving the business of the member companies;
9.    Prepare, distribute and publish information on activities of the Association and its member companies;
10.    Update the principles and forms of cooperation between the member companies to make the most of their potential;
11.    Maintain mutual trust and contacts between managers and experts to ensure sustainability, integrity and partnership;
12.    Develop international cooperation and contacts with business and non-profit organisations;
13.    Collect statistical and analytical data and conduct market researches;
14.    Monitor the economic situation at the design , construction supervision and engineering market;
15.    Organise sociological and marketing studies based on public opinion surveys;
16.    Advising the member companies on management, production and commercial issues;
17.    Develop, approve and implement corporate technical and management standards in the member companies;
18.    Enhance professional skills of employees of the member com


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