Bugrinsky Bridge over the Ob River in the City of Novosibirsk Short-Listed for the FIDIC Awards

Bugrinsky Bridge over the Ob River in the City of Novosibirsk Short-Listed for the FIDIC Awards 23.08.2016

According to the Secretariat of International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), the Bugrinsky Bridge project submitted by Stroyproekt to the FIDIC awards in the category “Outstanding Projects of the Year 2016” has been short-listed.

Altogether 54 nominations were submitted this year. Out of them 21 projects were short-listed. Among them are projects from China, Denmark, the Republic of Korea, Morocco, Spain and the USA. The winners will be announced on 26 September at the FIDIC 2016 Conference.

For the shortlisted projects, see: http://fidic.org/about-fidic/fidic-awards/fidic-awards-2016/fidic-2016-awards-shortlisted-projects.

Importance of this event can hardly be overestimated: for over 100 years FIDIC has been the world leader in the field of construction and engineering regulation. The FIDIC awards are aimed to demonstrate the best international achievements of architecture, construction and engineering consulting.

The unique Bugrinsky Bridge project was highly commended by industry experts, state authorities and business.  All experts appreciate a non-standard design of the bridge having record-breaking parameters and its importance. The bridge commissioned in October 2014 has not only relieved traffic congestion in Novosibirsk but also has provided an uninterrupted transport link between the M-51 Baikal motorway and the M-52 Chuisky Trakt motorway. In 2015, the Bugrinsky Bridge project got the Best Innovation Project Award from National Association of Researchers and Designers (NOPRIZ).


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Bugrinsky Bridge is the third bridge across the Russia’s largest river Ob in Novosibirsk. The bridge is part of South-West transit highway, which links the M-51 Baikal and M-52 Chuisky Trakt motorways.

The network arch of the bridge resembles the city’s coat of arms, which features an arch bridge and a red bow.

An unconventional launching procedure on a vertical circular curve was chosen for erection of the arch, which required minimum of auxiliary steel structures and enabled the shortest construction time.

In 2016, the project received a FIDIC Award of Merit for demonstrating innovation, quality, professional excellence, principles of transparency and integrity, sustainability and respect for the environment.


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