Stroyproekt Engineering Group News – Rostov Branch

Stroyproekt Engineering Group News – Rostov Branch 05.02.2015

Rostov Branch continues design work for the M-4 Don Federal Motor Road Rehabilitation Project.
A new stage of designing has begun with the conclusion of a detailed design contract with Donaerodorstroy – the Contractor for rehabilitation of the road section between 1091.6 km and 1119.5 km.
Earlier Donaerodorstroy have appreciated the quality of design documentation developed by our colleagues for the road section 892 km – 907 km and invited Rostov Branch to continue cooperation.

Please note that on 15 November 2013 a 30-km section of the M-4 Don road, including a new 4-lane bypass of Tarasovsky village, was commissioned. Stroyproekt (both the central office and Rostov branch) and Peterburgskie Seti had developed the design and detailed design for that section.

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