BELASDOR Delegation Visits Stroyproekt

BELASDOR Delegation Visits Stroyproekt 04.10.2014

A delegation of BELASDOR (Belarussian Association of Road Building Organizations) has visited the head office of Stroyproekt. Managers and engineers fr om Belarus came to St. Petersburg to learn best practices in the field of road and bridge construction.
The delegation participants were welcomed in the conference hall of Stroyproekt wh ere they could get acquainted with our activities and projects, in particular, with a unique Western High Speed Diameter (WHSD) Motorway Project which General Designer is Stroyproekt.    
The delegation also went on an excursion to the WHSD Control Center and to the construction site of the WHSD Central Section. Stroyproekt specialists told their Belarussian colleagues about the particulars of unique structures now built in the Neva Bay water area.
In their turn, the visitors from Belarus thanked their Russian colleagues for hospitality and stressed that they were impressed with the progress of transport infrastructure development in St. Petersburg. Moreover, our guests appreciated the scale and complexity of projects designed by the Stroyproekt Engineering Group.  

For reference:
The Western High Speed Diameter in St. Petersburg (WHSD) is a strategic investment project in St. Petersburg intended to give a strong impulse to its development as a megacity and one of the major European transport centers. WHSD is the first Russian express toll road built inside a city. This modern multi-lane highway will connect the southwest of St. Petersburg, including the Sea Port area, with the Ring Road, Vasilievsky Island, Kurortny District and the Scandinavia motorway. The WHSD project is the biggest PPP project in the field of road construction in Russia. Non-standard engineering structures forming the WHSD road have a recognizable architectural appearance.



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Western High Speed Diameter (WHSD) Western High Speed Diameter (WHSD)

WHSD is the first urban toll expressway in St. Petersburg, 46.6 km in length, which comprises a great number of complex engineering structures. The road links the southern and western city districts with the Ring Road, Vasilievsky Island in the center and the Scandinavia highway in the north, and has improved accessibility of the main transport hubs — Pulkovo Airport, the port of St. Petersburg and the Marine Façade passenger terminal. The new expressway has reduced travel times in some city areas by 50-70%.


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