Testing Results Received for Arch Span of Bugrinsky Bridge in Novosibirsk

Testing Results Received for Arch Span of Bugrinsky Bridge in Novosibirsk 01.10.2014

The river span of Bugrinsky Bridge across the Ob River has been successfully tested with design loads and proved to have a multiple safety margin. By tradition, the representatives of the General Contractor, the Client and the Designer were staying under the tested bridge in a boat, thus demonstrating their every confidence in the quality of executed works.
The design maximum load on the bridge has been verified using 24 KAMAZ trucks with a total weight of 600 tons. The trucks were moving on both sides of the deck according to 8 loading patterns. The experts from the Siberian Transport University and Sibmost OJSC had to assess the difference between the bridge actual parameters under allowable loads and the designed ones, both under static and dynamic traffic loads.
The dynamic tests were carried out with vibration records of the deck oscillations generated during the passage of loaded trucks convoy at a speed of 10 to 30 km/h. The engineers were monitoring the bridge stress-strain state using mechanical stress sensors, strain meters and strain gauges.   
According to the preliminary test data, the main dynamic characteristics of the bridge river span are satisfactory. No beating or resonance phenomena have been observed during the testing. On the whole, the obtained results prove that the actual behavior of the structure complies with the design assumptions. The bridge can be commissioned and operated under design loads without any weight or speed limitations.  Currently the Contractor is installing safety barriers and decorative elements, and marking the road.

The information presented by Sibmost Press Office.


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