Photo report: WHSD Central Section Construction progress

Photo report: WHSD Central Section Construction progress 25.09.2014

The Contractor is erecting deck steel structures for the WHSD mainway at the construction site in Savushkina Street, where the Central and the Northern sections of the motorway merge. After that a reinforced concrete slab will be made on the deck.

At the construction sites on Krestovsky and Kanonersky Islands, the Contractor is preparing for deck launching. Construction of the slurry wall for the open cut road section on Vasilievsky Island is almost completed. The Contractor is also finalizing concreting piers.

General outlines of the future WHSD Central Section are already distinguished both on the ground and above water.



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WHSD is the first urban toll expressway in St. Petersburg, 46.6 km in length, which comprises a great number of complex engineering structures. The road links the southern and western city districts with the Ring Road, Vasilievsky Island in the center and the Scandinavia highway in the north, and has improved accessibility of the main transport hubs — Pulkovo Airport, the port of St. Petersburg and the Marine Façade passenger terminal. The new expressway has reduced travel times in some city areas by 50-70%.

WHSD features the second and the third longest bridge structures in Russia — Southern mainline flyover with the bridges over the Sea Channel and Korabelny Fairway, 9378 m long, and Northern mainline flyover with the bridges over Petrovsky Fairway and Elagin Fairway, 8794 m long.


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