New scientific research by Stroyproekt

New scientific research by Stroyproekt 25.08.2014

In order to optimise road designing, construction and rehabilitation, GK Avtodor need to develop general guidelines for road architectural design, covering the right-of-way and roadside areas, junctions and interchanges, crossings and service facilities. The new company standard shall take into account natural, historical, social and economic factors, road location and importance, traffic intensity and flows, including local and transit traffic, and scenery.  
The standard will be based on scientifically grounded proposals on road architecture developed by Avtodor to increase road attractiveness and to ensure maximum comfort of road users and traffic safety.
The new company standard will be applied for design of new roads and rehabilitation of the existing ones as well as for management decision-making during road operation.  The standard is intended to be used for elaboration of concepts and programmes for road network and infrastructure development. It will be also used for development of basic designs and detailed designs for road construction and rehabilitation projects implemented on behalf of Avtodor.  
With the new company standard in force, the Client will have a possibility to set forth road architectural requirements along with local and municipal authorities, and designers will be able to substantiate their choice of road infrastructure and signage design solutions that allow perceiving the road as an integrated transport facility.  Such an approach will increase social significance and attractiveness of roads as transport infrastructure facilities that will arouse investors’ economic interest.

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