Bugrinsky Bridge in Novosibirsk is about completed

Bugrinsky Bridge in Novosibirsk is about completed 20.08.2014

At present they are paving the carriageway with asphalt and are installing safety barriers and hand railing, waterproofing, expansion joints and parapets. The bridge approaches will be also finalised soon, in particular, on the left bank, the interchange steel structures have been erected and the right bank interchange is being paved with guss asphalt. By the end of September the bridge will be ready for commissioning.   
According to Maxim Sokolov, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation,  who visited the project site, Bugrinsky Bridge will be one of the most beautiful bridges in Russia and it is extremely important for Novosibirsk citizens – the bridge will not only link the two riversides but will also relief the city traffic.   

Main technical parameters:
Navigation span dimensions: 2(120 х 15) m
The bridge crossing includes two traffic interchanges with 69 and 318 m long overpasses.
Traffic capacity: 7,180 vehicles per hour (with design speed of 80 km/h)
The central span has a combined deck: a tied arch with inclined suspenders (so called “network arch”). The central span is 380 m long.
The arch is 72.7 m high, thus height-length ratio is about 1:5.
Number of cables: 156
The arches have 12° inclination towards the span centre line.
Cross-section: 36.87m
The carriageway is 2 × 13.75 m and comprises 3 lanes of 3.75 m in opposite directions, safety strips of 1.5 and 1m at side and central safety barriers, and 2 sidewalks, 1.5 m each.

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