Concrete cement road pavement discussed at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum-2019

Concrete cement road pavement discussed at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum-2019 10.06.2019

St.Petersburg Economic Forum held a special session dedicated to use of concrete cement technology in construction of federal roads in Russia. 

Attendees included:
I. Alafinov, First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation,
M. Goncharov, CEO of LafargeHolcim Russia,
A. Zhurbin, General Director of Institute Stroyproekt,
D. Pingasov, Chairman of Novosibirsk Avtodor Board,
A. Pukher, Technical Director of STRABAG AG,
A. Ryazanov, Chairman of the Russian Holding Company Board and the Board member of Russian Railways JV;
V. Ushakov, President of the Concrete Roads Association; Vice-Rector for Scientific Work, Moscow Automobile and Road Construction University.

The forum brought together prominent experts in the field of road construction to discuss the perspectives of cement concrete roads. The attendees exchanged views on the pros and cons of cement concrete pavement, in comparison with asphalt concrete. With the new material and technology, lasting and strength of road surfaces increases significantly. 

Compared to asphalt, cement concrete is greatly resistant to wear under all weather conditions, so pavements can be maintained once in 30-40-years period only. Nevertheless, cement concrete pavement lasts long only in case it has been properly designed and constructed. As A.Zhurbin states, ‘if we briefly summarize the experience accumulated in the field, the question to ask shall be as follows: Speaking of the cement concrete road, what are its advantages that we appreciate? Firstly, the technology is economically attractive, as the roads are much more durable, and maintenance costs decrease; then it enables to increase the volume of traffic, as the pavement resists higher loads; and the roads provide better visibility at night hours, which makes them safer.

But we should be aware of problems we will have to face, severe climate conditions, for example, not to mention the need to assess the economic efficiency of cement concrete roads in Russia more thoroughly taking into account costs and availability of some essential materials, crushed stone, for example. The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the State Company Russian Highways also need time to update the existing technical standards selecting several pilot projects. As for the designers, we are ready to start working immediately’.

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