Conference “Road and Transport Sector Sustainable Development: Innovations and Anti-Crisis Measures” held in St. Petersburg

Conference “Road and Transport Sector Sustainable Development: Innovations and Anti-Crisis Measures” held in St. Petersburg 23.11.2015

The conference took place on 12-13 November with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Federal Road Agency and State Company Russian Highways. The business agenda gathered over 450 leading experts of the road industry, representatives of executive and legal government authorities and specialists from scientific and research institutes. The conference was attended by such major companies as VTB Capital, Gazprombank, Mostotrest, Mostostroy-11, Sibmost, LSR Group, Pylon, ABZ-1 Group of Companies, Geoizol, Northern Capital Highways, WHSD, etc. As part of the conference, an industry exhibition was organised to demonstrate technical achievements and innovations in the sphere of road engineering, construction and maintenance.
The programme included several round tables to discuss actual problems of the road and transport industry. The priority topics were road and bridge design using innovative technologies, construction supervision and management, pricing in construction, BIM-technologies and development of Public Private Partnership projects as an anti-crisis tool. The participants discussed the role of state expert review for implementation of innovative designs and a number of practical issues such as road parameters improvement, composite materials and dry mixes application in road industry, construction supervision at major federal projects and current challenges of professional engineering education. Other important topics were experience of toll road construction projects, final stage of the WHSD project and operation of its already completed sections, construction of the Central Bridge in Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk Bypass and numerous aspects related to PPP practices.
During a plenary meeting the attendees discussed current issues covering almost all road industry spheres: the progress of the Programme for Russian transport system development up to 2030, main results of implementing the President’s orders given during the State Council meeting in Novosibirsk in 2014, development of regional PPP road projects, promotion of innovations, road industry monitoring as part of anti-crisis strategies and introduction of charges on 12 ton trucks.
The participants of the discussion were the Deputy Head of the Federal Road Agency Igor Astakhov, the First Deputy Head of State Company Avtodor Igor Urmanov, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Development of St. Petersburg Infrastructure Andrey Semchankov, the Minister of Transport of Novosibirsk Sergey Titov, the Senior Vice-President of VTB Bank Yury Molchanov, the Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Chairman of the Board of Ruscomposite Company Sergey Fakhretdinov, the General Director of Avtodor-Engineering Nikolay Bystrov and representatives of major Russian road construction companies. The purpose of the meeting was to work out consolidated measures for supporting road industry in the context of reduced funding as part of anti-crisis tools and creating an open dialogue between road industry high executives and representatives of regional governments.
Road construction is a driving force for the economy. Road development is a way to mitigate the crisis allowing to keep jobs and to ensure tax revenues to the treasury. This is what Aleksei Zhurbin pointed out during the briefing on anti-crisis measures in the road industry. The General Director of Stroyproekt told about the company’s participation in construction of the facilities for the World Football Cup 2018, namely the bridge over Serny Island and the bridge at Yakhtennaya Street. The design of the former has successfully passed the State Expertise examination. Through a tender procedure, ZAO Pylon was chosen as the contractor. Now Pylon is preparing the site for construction and Stroyproekt engineers are developing the detailed design for the bridge construction: detailed drawings of the deck, foundations, piers and reinforcement. The design of the bridge at Yakhtennaya Street has also successfully passed the State Expertise, but the tender for its construction has not been announced yet. Moreover, the mechanism of its construction has not been decided yet:  both state financing and private investment models are being considered.
 Aleksei Zhurbin told the press about the problems in St. Petersburg transport system which the company is ready to solve:  according to A. Zhurbin, the main problem is traffic jams at the bridges over the Neva River. Bolshoi Obukhovsky Bridge and Volodarsky Bridge are congested with freight carriers.  That is why the city needs a new large bridge to relieve the traffic situation.  After that Aleksei Zhurbin told about Stroyproekt’s participation in federal projects: Moscow – St. Petersburg Express Toll Motorway, Western High Speed Diameter, the fourth bridge over the Ob River in Novosibirsk and bypass of Khabarovsk. Successful completion of these projects will stimulate the economy, improve transport environment and create comfortable conditions for cargo transportation.
 Concluding the conference, Alexey Zhurbin thanked all the participants for an interesting and useful discussion, and the Ministry of Transport, Rosavtodor and State Company Avtodor for assistance with organizing the conference on the occasion of Stroyproekt 25th anniversary. A special gratitude was expressed to the Conference Partners, particularly to the General Partners: Maurer AG, Steelpaint GmbH, Mostotrest and Mostostroy-11.

A resolution will be developed to summarise the conference results. You can find more about the resolution and the conference at  


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