Stroyproekt Engineering Group News – Moscow Branch

Stroyproekt Engineering Group News – Moscow Branch 06.02.2015

The Moscow Region Government has approved a site planning design for construction of new motor road linking Lytkarino, Tomolino, Kraskovo and Zelezhnodorozhny.

The site planning design was developed by Stroyproekt Moscow at the request of Public Roads Directorate of Moscow Region.
The new road will become an important element of the regional road system. It will relieve radial thoroughfares and Moscow Ring Road which are now congested due to lack of alternative chord roads. Furthermore, the designed road will connect various municipalities of Moscow Region.

 Main parameters:
•         Road length: 23.8 km including a 1.9 km section to be rehabilitated and a 21.9 km section of new construction
•         Category: trunk road
•         Number of lanes: 4 at the rehabilitation section and 6 at the new road section
•         Number of multilevel interchanges: 7
•         Engineering structures (mainway/interchange ramp): 25/20


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