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Stroyproekt Engineering Group News - Moscow Branch 03.02.2015

State Expertise positive conclusion received for Rehabilitation of Novo-Sadovaya Street Project in Samara.

The Project provides for rehabilitation of Novo-Sadovaya Street in Samara that will become one of the main urban arteries with regulated traffic. The street is 9.50 km long.
Nowadays Novo-Sadovaya is one of major streets in the city. It runs parallel to the Volga River at a considerable distance from it.
The project includes widening of the street to have six traffic lanes and construction of three new interchanges (two of them will be in different levels), two overpasses of 574.35 m and 209.139 m long, four pedestrian undercrossings and several local passageways.

The Client is Ministry of Roads and Transportation of Samara Region.


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