Arch span of Bugrinsky Bridge in Novosibirsk is about to be completed

Arch span of Bugrinsky Bridge in Novosibirsk is about to be completed 18.09.2014

The Contractor has almost completed the installation of steel covering elements in the arch span. These decorative elements with the total weight of over 300 tons hide the arch connection to the bridge floor.
Besides, the Contractor is asphalting the bridge approaches and the arch section, and painting the arch steel and ties with a finishing layer.  Final adjustment of the cables is planned to be started at the end of September.
The temporary supports underneath the river span have been almost disassembled. The Contractor is also installing safety barriers along the central reserve and pedestrian sidewalks.
On the right bank flyover the Contractor is placing the top asphalt layer, while on the left bank areas the Contractor is now busy with landscaping and installation of the water drainage system and safety barriers.
About 85% of noise screens have been already installed along the entire facility.
The information has been presented by the Contractor’s Press Office.

For reference:
Client: Road Construction Administration of Novosibirsk City
Contractor: OAO Sibmost
Designer:  ZAO Institute Stroyproekt
Main technical parameters:
•    Navigation span dimensions: 2(120 х 15) m
•    The bridge crossing includes two traffic interchanges with 69 and 318 m long overpasses
•    The central span has a combined deck: a tied arch with inclined  suspenders (so called “network arch”)
•    The central span is 380 m long
•    The arch is 72.7 m high, thus height-length ratio is about 1:5
•    Number of cables is 156
•    Cross-section is 36.87m
•    The carriageway is 2 × 13.75 m and comprises 3 lanes of 3.75 m in opposite directions, safety strips of 1.5 and 1m at side and central safety barriers, and 2 sidewalks, 1.5 m each.



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Bugrinsky Bridge is the third bridge across the Russia’s largest river Ob in Novosibirsk. The bridge is part of South-West transit highway, which links the M-51 Baikal and M-52 Chuisky Trakt motorways.

The network arch of the bridge resembles the city’s coat of arms, which features an arch bridge and a red bow.

An unconventional launching procedure on a vertical circular curve was chosen for erection of the arch, which required minimum of auxiliary steel structures and enabled the shortest construction time.

In 2016, the project received a FIDIC Award of Merit for demonstrating innovation, quality, professional excellence, principles of transparency and integrity, sustainability and respect for the environment.


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