Testing of the 3d Ob Bridge carried out in Novosibirsk

Testing of the 3d Ob Bridge carried out in Novosibirsk 24.07.2014

Testing of the 3d Ob Bridge section over the flood plain took place in Novosibirsk. The bridge section withstood the design load of over 450 tons and proved to have a multiple safety margin. The test was carried out with sixteen KAMAZ heavy trucks of 30 tons each.

The preliminary test results show a major safety margin of Bugrinsky Bridge as all the test values are 20% lower than the design ones. Strength test of the 380 m long arch mid span will take place in the nearest future. About thirty KAMAZ trucks with maximum load will drive along the bridge after the cable tensioning and asphalt pavement are completed.

At the moment,  56% of the cable system or 22 cable groups have been installed.
Bugrinsky Bridge will be commissioned late September/ early October 2014 and will decrease traffic congestion in the city.



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Bugrinsky Bridge is the third bridge across the Russia’s largest river Ob in Novosibirsk. The bridge is part of South-West transit highway, which links the M-51 Baikal and M-52 Chuisky Trakt motorways.

The network arch of the bridge resembles the city’s coat of arms, which features an arch bridge and a red bow.

An unconventional launching procedure on a vertical circular curve was chosen for erection of the arch, which required minimum of auxiliary steel structures and enabled the shortest construction time.

In 2016, the project received a FIDIC Award of Merit for demonstrating innovation, quality, professional excellence, principles of transparency and integrity, sustainability and respect for the environment.


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