Launching of the 3rd Ob River Bridge in Novosibirsk has started

Launching of the 3rd Ob River Bridge in Novosibirsk has started 03.12.2013

The first 2 meters of the bridge arch have been launched in presence of Mr. Levitin, Aide to the Russian President , Mr. Yurchenko, Governor of Novosibirsk Region, Mr. Koshkin, President of JSC Sibmost, Mr. Zhurbin and Mr. Surovtsev, Directors of Stroyproekt, and Mr. Devichinsky, Head of Design Department Stroyproekt.

Launching of a 380-m arch is planned to be completed in March 2014. Before launching all required steel structures and launching mechanisms as well as temporary supports and service bridges have been prepared. The biggest temporary support is 63 m high. Roller devices have been installed on the temporary supports; the arch steel structures are launched from the opposite direction. The arch structures are launched bottom-up at the angle of 45 degree. The arch weight is 3600 tons. The weight of temporary auxiliary structures is 5.6 thousand tons. Launching will be mostly executed at the air temperature below zero. In order to prevent any failures in winter conditions the specialists are adjusting equipment for synchronised jacking operations and the entire hydraulic system.

In March 2014, when the arch is closed, the contractor is planning to start installation of stay cables.


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