Stroyproekt participates in the International Transport Congress and Exhibition

Stroyproekt participates in the International Transport Congress and Exhibition 15.10.2013

SITCE 2013 International Transport Congress and Exhibition were held in Singapore on October 7-10.  Stroyproekt was a member of the delegation of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation headed by Mr. A. Bakirey, Director of Department for State Policy in Motor and Public Passenger Transport Industry. The exhibition booth of the Ministry displayed methods for planning, development and operation of public transport management systems in Russia as well as presentations of the delegation members.

The event was sponsored by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).

The first SITCE Congress and Exhibition have got together 100 companies from 22 countries.

The event was attended by experts in the following fields:

- Architectural /Engineering services;

-Construction Contractors;

-Infrastructure management;

-Intellectual transport systems;

- Professional organizations, associations, managers;

- Equipment, products and services for road traffic management and maintenance;

- Transport planning consultants;

- Traffic safety systems and products

- Tunneling

- Urban planning, etc.

SITCE Congress included a number of events such as World Urban Transport Leaders’ Summit (WUTLS), World Road Conference (WRC), World Urban Transport Conference (WUTC) and Asian-Pacific Congress of MCOT (APC).

SITCE 2013 Congress was held under the slogan: Human-friendly Mobil and Comfortable City

The reports covered the following topics:

- Rail transport infrastructure development and management;

- Nature and human environment protection;

- Efficient operation of land transport systems;

-Safety, risk management and logistics

-Road infrastructure development and traffic management.

We were very interested to learn how public transport problems are resolved in different countries and to understand which experience and knowledge could be applied in Russia. We have met new potential partners who are rarely represented in other parts of the World. We were very pleased to see the interest of international participants in Russia and to support the Ministry of Transport.


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